Ten Bears Winery
Laporte, Colorado

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Personalized Labeling


Simply Select your favorite Ten Bears Wine then:

Designing your label.

 *Call for an appointment to visit the winery, sample the wine, and select from one of our many templates. 

 *Bring your Company Logo or a Picture to put on the label at no additional charge.

 *Options are endless, however no copyrighted images please.



2014 Custom Labeled Wine Price List


Altitude Sparkling American Symphony (Champagne Style – Colorado/California)



American Symphony (Lightly Sweet White Wine - California)



Grand Valley "Dry" Riesling (Full-Bodied Dry White Wine 100% Colorado)



Poudre River Red Table Wine (Medium Bodied Red Wine - Colorado/California)



American Pinot Noir (Light-Bodied Red Wine - Madera, California)



Grand Valley Merlot (Medium-Full Bodied Red 100% Colorado)



Grand Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (Full Bodied Red Wine 100% Colorado)




 For More Information Contact:

Ten Bears Winery
5215 Ten Bears Ct
Laporte, CO 80535  









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